Tutorial: Elgato Game Capture HD + PlayStation 1 Setup

PlayStation 2 set-up is here.

Footage I recorded with the set-up detailed below:


For an explanation of why we need a third party converter for this set up (item 6 below), see this post.

OK, you will need:

  1. PlayStation 1 (or a PS2, it doesn’t matter)
  2. PlayStation 1 game
  3. Telly with HDMI input (see photos below)
  4. Elgato Game Capture HD
  5. A laptop or conveniently located computer
  6. A composite to HDMI converter (see step 3) – this is an extra purchase and does not come with the Game Capture. You may not need this if you have an older TV. To find out, follow the PS2 setup instructions. If you get no picture on the TV with a PS1 (or with PS1 games on your PS2), it is likely that your TV doesn’t support the lower PS1 game resolution over HDMI.


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