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The Passionate Programmer – Review

Title: The Passionate Programmer Author: Chad Fowler Published by: The Pragmatic Bookshelf, 2009 Date finished: 5 March 2014 My rating*: 7/10 If you are the sort of person to pick this book up and read it, there is every chance that you will already do a fair amount of the suggestions within. Sadly, the people that could get the most […]

Never Stop Writing Code

To a certain extent, coding is something that you never completely forget. Although you may be a little slower after a break, once the problem-solving part of your brain fires up, you will still have the skills and knowledge to do the things you have always done. However, coding is also a lot like the […]

Debugging For Beginners

This post was also published at O’Reilly Programming – you can read it here. I read an interesting article today, called Debugging for Beginners, over at O’Reilly Programming. You all know how much I love GDB (huh? you didn’t? seriously?), so I always like to take a look at different approaches to finding those elusive […]

Binary Numbers Explained

Here’s a really quick guide to binary numbers, because I use them in other posts and haven’t fully explained myself. OK. Binary numbers are represented using only 1s and 0s: 01101001 This is the number 105 in binary. Honest.