Did ya miss me??

A year has passed and it’s about time I started bothering you all with some little snippets of code again.

So what exactly have I been up to for the last 12 months?

Well, I’ve been mainly looking after my two boys (now 3 and 1.5 years old), but for the last 6 months I have also been actively employed working with my good old friend the marine navigation unit. Lots of C and C++, lots of GDB and a few bits of new technology just to keep things interesting. The combination of these two things has left me no time at all to do much of anything else.


Latest news in the Williams household is that I am leaving my secure, happy, multi-threaded post and going on to do… well, at the moment, nothing!

The boys need Mummy around a lot more than I anticipated, and unsurprisingly they are not overly keen on me spending all my time away from home solving complex problems and refactoring code.

So officially, for now, I’ll be a Stay At Home Mum.

But unofficially that means I’ll be spending a bit more time around here and getting to know you all a bit better.

So put the kettle on chuck, and tell me all about yourself…