Tutorial: Elgato Game Capture HD + PlayStation 2 Setup

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Well, this is exciting!

I decided I couldn’t blog about my Tomb Raider Replay without being able to fully share it all with you, so the husband recommended this fantastic little device for recording and sharing gameplay:


After a quick trip to Currys and the siphoning off of all my current account funds, I was the proud owner of an Elgato Game Capture HD. And I couldn’t wait to have a play.

We got it up and running on Sunday night with the PlayStation 2, so I thought I’d provide a quick run-through of the hardware connections and system settings you need to record your own gaming moments.

It really is a wonderful little device.


Off we go.

You will need:

  1. PlayStation 2
  2. PlayStation 2 game
  3. Telly with HDMI input (see photos below)
  4. Elgato Game Capture HD
  5. A laptop or conveniently located computer

Step 1

Before you even open up the Elgato Game Capture HD box, connect your PlayStation 2 up to your telly, pop your game in and make sure it all works together. This is especially relevant if your PS2 has been sat in the loft, or under the stairs for the last 8 years and you’ve never used it with your new telly.

Once you’re happy it’s all working, and your game is appearing on-screen, it’s time to link in the Game Capture.

Step 2

First of all you need to connect the HDMI cable (supplied with Game Capture) from an HDMI slot on your telly to the “HDMI out” slot on your Game Capture.

HDMI cable, supplied with Game Capture HD.


Game Capture HDMI out to TV HDMI port.


Step 3

Next you need to connect the composite cable (supplied with Game Capture), to the end of the lead that usually runs from your PS2 to the television.

Connect the red and white into the dual black connector, and the yellow into the red.

Playstation 2 cable connected to composite lead supplied with Game Capture HD.


Close-up of the connectors.

Then plug the black end into the Game Capture A/V In slot.

Game Capture between TV and PS2.


Step 4

Connect the USB cable (supplied with Game Capture) from the USB port on the Game Capture to a standard USB port on your laptop/computer.

Complete set up.


Step 5

Go to:

www.gamecapture.com/download and download and install the Game Capture HD Software (running version 1.4.2 as of this post).

Step 6

Set up the software with the correct settings.

Input Device: Other

Input: Composite

Profile: Standard

Leave everything else unchanged.



Step 7

Finally, make sure you switch the AV on the television to the correct HDMI port, or you won’t see anything on your TV.

Ta da! You should see output on both your TV and your laptop.

Record your best moments and share with the world!

Game Capture at the ready!


When we used this piece of kit at home, we soon realised that our PS1 games weren’t displaying on the television, even though the Game Capture software was able to capture the output. This was the case with all PS1 games, both via the PS2, and directly using a PS1. See this post for why. Or just go straight to the full PlayStation 1 Setup instructions.