Welcome to the C++ Eclipse Masterclass Classroom!

This video course consists of eight tutorials that will help you master the Eclipse IDE, plus a video with resources and suggestions on how best to learn to program in C++.

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Lesson Index

Lesson 1: Set Up
Lesson 2: Hello World
Lesson 3: Importing Existing Code
Lesson 4: Eclipse Tour
Lesson 5: Editing Code
Lesson 6: Debugging Part 1
Lesson 7: Debugging Part 2
Lesson 8: Game Code Walkthrough
Programming in C++

How to make the best use of the material

Each lesson is supplied as a video, with an accompanying checklist. You should watch them in order, starting with Lesson 1, through to Lesson 8.

You can watch the Programming in C++ video at any time – either before, after, or in between the other lessons. If you’re really new to C++, it might be an idea to watch it first. If C++ is familiar to you, then save it until last and use it as a guide to further your learning.

The videos run from 5 to 20 minutes long, and I’ve provided the timings at the top of each page, so you can grab a drink and fit your learning into whatever spare time you have.

The checklists are a summary of what the video covers. They are designed to be used alongside the videos, rather than independently from them, so if you haven’t watched the lessons, the checklist will be less useful than if you have.

I have also provided a transcript of each video, available on the lesson page, as well as a link to download the video to your computer so you can work offline. Downloading the video is a good option if you have any problems with playback, as all the videos are in HD.

Is there a time limit, or any assignments to complete?

No. This is a self-paced course with no assignments. However, I strongly suggest that you follow along and actually try out the lessons in Eclipse on your machine. This is the best way to cement your learning and to get the most out of the material.

There is no time limit – once you have signed up you can come and go as you please. You will have lifetime access to the course – including all future releases and upgrades.

And if I need help?

Please get it touch – you can contact me via the contact form. I am based in the UK (if you are wondering about timezones), and I will do my best to get back to you. Note that I do not have a team of employees – I run this site singlehandedly, alongside all the other things I do each day, so if there is a delay in replying I apologise in advance.

Anything else I should know?

Most importantly – have fun! Watch the videos and try out as much as you can on your own system. Don’t feel you need to rush through – take it at your own pace. This isn’t a course to torture you, it’s hopefully a resource that will help you be a smarter and faster Eclipse user 🙂

Enjoy the lessons, and thank you for joining the C++ Eclipse Masterclass.