iOS App Development – Recurring!

recurring app

Well folks, I guess it’s time I tried something other than bit shift operators and the command line on Linux, so my next project is something altogether different.

I am creating my very first iPhone app, hurrah!

To be honest, it’s something I’ve had on the to-do list for a long time. I’ve played around in Xcode and put a basic app on my poor, unsuspecting phone, but now it’s time to do something serious.

What on earth are you going to make?

What, ’cause there are a billion apps and it’s all been done before, right?

Have a little faith 😉

In actual fact, I’m going to create something that I want. Something I’ve looked for many times, and never found.

I’m creating a task manager specifically for recurring tasks.


Well, you know you get your usual to-do lists, right? And sometimes there are things you need to do repeatedly (pay bill, tax car, mum’s birthday, defrost freezer, that sort of thing)?

Well, finding a really good app for repeated tasks is really hard.


Seriously? Have you tried Things/Wunderlist/RTM/ToodleDo ?

Of course. I’ve spent hours playing around with productivity apps. More hours than I’d want to count.

But they don’t do what I need.

I want something SPECIFICALLY for recurring tasks.

So I’m going to build it.

Oh OK. When’s it gonna be finished then?

Give me a chance, I’ve only just started.

Wanna know more?

I promise you’ll be FIRST in the door, if you sign up for updates:



Or you can view my pretty sign-up page, dedicated to my new app. I created it especially 🙂

‘Til next time.