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A pthreads Tutorial

I’m going to use a simple program to illustrate the basic use of pthreads, and highlight some of the issues that you may run into when you’re creating your own threaded programs (for C++11 threads, see this post). I want my program to print a message from each thread I create, to the console, in a […]

Function Templates In C++

We looked at a very straightforward class template last time, which should have given you the confidence to get started in creating your own template classes. Now, to round off this introduction to C++ templates, we’ll just have a quick look at function templates, and talk a little more about the workings behind template source […]

C++ Templates Made Easy

Templates. Groan. With their godawful syntax and impressive verbosity it’s no wonder we screw our faces up in distaste when we see them in code. ESPECIALLY when we’re debugging that code. Oh my. It’s enough to make you wish you were writing the software for musical birthday cards instead (does anyone actually do that?). Anyway, […]

Using Multiple Workspaces In Eclipse

If you do a lot of development work for lots of different programs or projects, you could try grouping them into separate workspaces in Eclipse. It’s really easy to do and is a nice way to keep different types of projects together. As you probably know, the default workspace is called ‘workspace’ and lives under your home folder […]