Quickly Convert .webm Files to .mp4 Format [Fedora]

Recently I made a very basic screencast using the built-in tools on Fedora (how-to here).

Once I’d recorded everything I realised that my trusty Mac (well, iMovie to be specific), had no idea what to do with a .webm video file.

And neither did I.


It seemed as though I’d have to chance downloading software that I’d never heard of, from sites that I’d never heard of, to do a file conversion that I didn’t understand.


But it turned out to be FAR simpler than that in the end.

All you have to do (on Fedora) is:

1) Using sudo (or log in as root)…

2) Add the RPMFusion repository

rpm -Uvh http://download1.rpmfusion.org/free/fedora/rpmfusion-free-release-stable.noarch.rpm http://download1.rpmfusion.org/nonfree/fedora/rpmfusion-nonfree-release-stable.noarch.rpm

3) Install ffmpeg

yum install ffmpeg

4) Then use ffmpeg to convert your file, like this:

ffmpeg -i file.webm file.mp4


Thank goodness for that.

Note that ffmpeg is incredibly powerful and it is worth reading the manual if you want to understand all its intricacies.

2 thoughts on “Quickly Convert .webm Files to .mp4 Format [Fedora]”

  1. Great post Faye. I always recommend using ffmpeg for conversion jobs. They have a great API, too so it’s not that hard to build an application on top of ffmpeg. However for one-time jobs I do recommend simply using an online converter. I’ve recently written a comparison of the main online tools that handle webm to mp4 conversions, here it is in case someone wants to go that route: https://addpipe.com/blog/convert-webm-mp4/ 🙂

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