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Eclipse-CDT: Base class ” not in include paths for current project

Don’t you just hate weird things like this? You have a nice little project in Eclipse, it’s all is working fine, auto-complete, build, everything. BUT: When you try to add a new class using the File -> New -> Class menu, you get this error: Base class ‘myclassname’ not in include paths for current project. […]

Bitwise Operators – Free Guide

I have an exciting new eGuide available. Most of this info is available in various places on my site, but I’ve collated it all together in one document, and updated it, so it’s easier for you to use. What does it cover? It’s a no-jargon guide to the four bitwise operators in C (AND, OR, […]

Understanding Pointers (with Lego) Part 1

Ahhh pointers. I’ve been wanting to write a series of posts on pointers for a long time. When I’ve finished, I’ll upload a complete PDF eGuide. In the meantime, enjoy 🙂 Pointers. A concept that some programmers avoid through fear, others abuse through ignorance, and yet others manage to use with grace and efficiency. Every […]

Unions in C

Unions – ew. As primarily a C++ programmer, I used to shy away from code that contained this kind of black magic. However, unions are actually very cool things and are really not that scary or weird. A union is basically a variable. But instead of being an int, or a float, or a double, […]